Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Mastercard & where can I use it?
Virtual Mastercard is an online prepaid Mastercard number that can be used anywhere card not present Mastercard transactions are valid. This includes online stores, over the phone or by mail order.
How do Virtual Mastercards work?
Step 1: Receive your Virtual Mastercard Code
Step 2: Visit, enter your details and select ‘Submit’
Step 3: Your Card Number, Expiry and CVV will be displayed on the screen, write these down or screenshot them but keep them safe
Step 4: Combine the Card Number, CVV & Expiry to make a purchase.
How long is a Virtual Mastercard valid for?
The code you receive to claim your Virtual Mastercard has a variable redemption period which will be communicated at time of receipt. Once claimed the Virtual Mastercard validity period is 6 months from date of issue. This expiry is displayed once claimed.
Can I merge funds from more than one Virtual Mastercard?
No. Each Virtual Mastercard has a separate and unique Mastercard number.
What if my Virtual Mastercard number is lost or stolen?
If you have lost your Virtual Mastercard number you can view it again by visiting then re-entering your details. We recommend that you keep your Virtual Mastercard numbers in a safe place. You should treat your Virtual Mastercard number and security details with the same protection as you would a physical Mastercard card or cash.
How do I check my Virtual Mastercard's available balance?
You can check your Virtual Mastercard's available balance and complete transaction history online, at any time, free of charge by visiting then re-entering your details.
What happens if your purchase exceeds the available balance of your Virtual Mastercard?
If you attempt to use your Virtual Mastercard for a transaction that is greater than the remaining available balance - the transaction will be declined.
What if my payment declines?
Some sites such as PayPal have the ability to decline prepaid cards. For the prevention of fraud, Virtual Mastercard cards are for direct Mastercard transactions only. If your purchase is declined, try using your Virtual Mastercard at a different site.

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